CRC-PRO for Men ColoRectal Cancer Predicted Risk Online (CRC-PRO) for Men
  • Weight in Pounds*

  • Height in Inches*

  • Age*

  • Ethnicity*

  • Pack Years of Smoking*

  • Averge Number of Alcoholic Drinks per Day*

  • Years of Education*

  • Family History of Colon Cancer*

  • Regular Use of Aspirin*

  • Regular Use of Multivitamins*

  • History of Diabetes*

  • Hours of Moderate Physical Activity per Day*

  • Ounces of Red Meat Intake per Day*



Wells BJ; Kattan MW; Cooper GS; Jackson L; Koroukian S

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Predicts 10-yr colorectal cancer risk for men. Not designed for patients with a history of colorectal cancer, inflammatory bowel disease, familial adenomatous polyposis, Lynch syndrome, or history of adenomatous polyps.

Colorectal Cancer

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