R-Calc has become extremely easy to use.
Brought to you by the Cleveland Clinic QHS team.

User-friendly flexibility

Graphically rich user interface allows you to easily create risk calculators for the world to use.

Be it heart related risk predictions or other risk predictions, R-Calc can handle just about any formula you provide it.

Super-easy to customize

Testing your R-Calc now is a breeze with our built in bulk data load tester. Simply upload a test file and we will process it!

Don't like the way our calculators look or any of our included themes? Then call our embedded API's to build your own forms

Responsive design

R-Calc works on multiple devices. Be it the i-Pad or an Android device, the risk calculator will appear as beautiful as ever.

We support any desktop based web browser running IE 8 +, Safari and Google Chrome.